Paper Sculpture

Welcome to BigRock Bronze Works. My foundry and studio are located in the small community of Frenchtown Montana. I have the pleasure of being nestled between the Mission and Bitteroot mountains. We love where we live and we love what we do.

Feel free to look around at the new pieces I am working on. The rich tectures are created by throwing molten bronze into the molds.

Using the splashing technique creates a unique texture in each piece. That is why it is called a limited series rather then an edition. I have shown various pieces for each series so you can see the differences between each.









From start to finish it's all hand made right here in Montana by

C.M. Jones


"Beautiful! Your pictures don't do them justice."Pete Fazini  Colorado

Wishful Thinking

Dawn of the Grizzly

The Wanderer

Two-Part Harmony

Take Off!

Vantage Point

Prairie Past

Honor Guard

Prairie Pride

Silent Messenger

Sun Bonnet

An Hour of Fishing


River Spirits

Bustin' Up!

Hearing the Call


The BigOne


Waiting for Spring